Junior Formats

Following a review of junior cricket across Australia, in 2016, Cricket Australia introduced revised playing conditions for junior cricket play, particularly in Community Cricket.


These new Junior Formats are designed to improve participation, player retention, enjoyment and skill development through the younger age groups, and have been progressively rolled out across Australia and Western Australia over the last two years.


For season 2020/21, the traditional Under 14s - 17s and Girls U18s competitions will use the Junior Formats Stage 3 conditions, completing the rollout of the new formats to Junior Community Cricket. A breakdown of which age groups use which Junior Formats is as follows:


Junior FormatAge Groups
Stage 1Under 10s, Under 11s, Girls Under 13s
Stage 2Under 12, Under 13s, Girls Under 15s
Stage 3Under 14s, 15s and 17s, Girls Under 18s


For further information on Junior Formats, anyhow they assist in the development of young cricketers, please see the Cricket Australia Junior Playing Formats page.