RRJCC is proud to be involved in the WA Government's KidSport program, making it possible for Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances.

KidSport allows eligible youth aged 5–18 years to apply for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees.

Registering Using KidSport

If you wish to register using KidSport, please let us know directly (at rrjcc.webmaster, so we can ensure that we allocate you a spot in our teams, and assist you with registration information that applies to KidSport.



RRJCC is not involved with determining the eligibility for KidSport support. This process is handled by local councils, and you should contact your local council for any queries regarding this process.

More information and forms

An application for KidSport assistance can be obtained from your local council, or downloaded here.

Further information on the KidSport program can be found at the Department of Sport and Recreation site.