Trophy and Awards Policy

Please note that:

  • Trophies and awards are presented at each years Annual General Meeting
  • Awards based on statistical achievements (e.g. runs scored / wickets taken) are based on games played in the regular season only. Finals games are not included in this calculation.
  • Club wide awards not based on statistical achievement (e.g. awards for contribution to the club) are awarded at the discretion of the RRJCC committee. The committee welcomes nominations from all parties in this category.
  • Life memberships are nominated by the Committee, and ratified by existing life members. The committee will accept and consider submissions for the nomination of new life members.
  • Any awards within an individual team are granted at the discretion of the coach and manager of the team.


In addition to the above, and to accomodate ongoing changes in age groups playing specific Junior Formats, award eligibility is outlined in this matrix.